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Wheelsforless Customer Service

We are often asked if there is any connection between Wheelsforless and the Canadian company Wheels For Less.  There is not.  Wheelsforless is located in Texas and is not affiliated with any other company.  We are the original online company, and have been selling online since 2000.  Hundreds of thousands of customers have bought online from us over the last 18 years, and we strive to offer the best customer service in the business.

When we receive an online order, that order is reviewed for correct fitment by our experienced tech department.  We often call our customers who have purchased online to talk with them about their order if we feel the order would not be a proper fit.  We have saved many customers over the years from making a bad purchase that won't work properly on their vehicle.  We are not about just making a sell, but making sure that the customer gets a wheel that looks great, fits great, and is priced great.  With 18 years of online experience we know this type of customer service is the best path to success. 
With thousands of wheels sold each month, there are instances that wheels arrive with a defect or damage.  If that ever happens, we take care of the issue.  Fortunately we sell quality rims that are packed with care and good packaging so we rarely ever have to take care of that kind of problem, but you can be assured that we will stand by our products and warranty if there ever is an with one.

We also have extensive experience in wheel fitment and are available by phone, online chat, and email.  We are happy to go to great lengths to ensure you get the fit you are looking for.  Today many vehicles have been modified from their original equipment state, so we are here to help walk you through determining how that will affect the fitment of your wheels.

If you are looking for an online company that offers both great prices and customer service, we would appreciate your business.  Here are just a few comments we've had from customers in the last couple of months:

-Thank you for service and help. I have installed the wheels and tires I purchased, looks amazing, appreciate it!   Marty - 1974 Vette - Louisiana

-Love the wheels and great service, I have already recommended you to my friends.   Johnny - Chevy C10 - California

-Hey Guy's!  Regarding your service.......It was AWESOME!  Best price I found, super quick delivery, excellent advice on fitment...not sure what else I could have asked for!

Thanks, we will be doing business with you again!  Dan- 1965 Mustang - Florida

-Hello,  Yes, I love my new wheels.  Installed them on the 1971 Chevelle a few weeks ago and backed it out for a few pictures.  I attached 4.  Thanks Much for a great product at a great price and shipped so fast.  Couldn't ask for anything more   Thanks, Corey - 1971 Chevelle - Alabama

-I was very satisfied with my purchase and I will definitely be recommending your company whenever I can.   Dylan - 2000 Firebird - South Carolina


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